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Student Tracking

A dashboard made for your class! The dashboard provides you with insights into students' performance. You will be able to search a student by his or her student registration id and filter the results by class or profile.

For corporate and continuing education, companies and managers can create a team dashboard board that connects to their LMS so that managers and staff can track the progress of their team's success.

Project Status

Project Managers can use this dashboard to track all key success factors to project completion: completed phases, costs and time allocation and time left to completion.

Drive your projects in a much more agile and cost-efficient way by using this dashboard to monitor each phase of your projects.

Create unlimited dashboards to really focus on the right KPIs for each projects you are working on. Use these dashboards during project updates and team meetings.

Candidate Interviews

This dashboard tracks on a monthly basis the recruitment activity for open positions with segmentation by job titles, statuses, and locations.

It gives you a clearer and quicker view of your recruitment status: how many positions are still open and in which location, which department hired the most in the last quarter, how many people are between signature and the start date...

Include an "Export" button to share the report with your team, or share the whole interactive dashboard via live links.