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Track and analyze your marketing campaigns performance with up-to-date KPIs. These dashboards provide metrics such as website traffic, leads generated, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI), in real-time.

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Monitor your financial performance in real-time with these dashboards. They provide an overview of key financial metrics, such as revenue, expenses, profits, and cash flow, and can be customized as you see fit.

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Blend data from your CRM, telephony, marketing, invoicing, and outreach tools to paint the full picture. Track key sales metrics such as revenue, pipeline value, conversion rates, and customer acquisition costs, in real-time.

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Project Management

Connect and bind all your project and budget data to our dashboard templates to get started faster. Manage your project resources, teams, and budget more efficiently, and make sure you hit your deadlines.

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Human Resources

Get deeper insights into your HR processes. Monitor your talent acquisition, employee satisfaction, and turnover to identify issues preventing growth, optimize employee experience, and fuel organizational efficiency. 

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Supply Chain Management

Gain visibility into your supply chain management by understanding your manufacturing, inventory, and shipment performance because your supply chain quality doesn't stop at the point of purchase for higher satisfaction & ROI.

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Monitor the performance of your customer acquisition and retention strategies, your website or store conversion KPIs, and your financial performance in these dashboards.

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eCommerce Performance

Unify all your eCommerce, web analytics, social media, and financial data to measure your ROI per channel, segment, and campaign. Combine your sales and inventory data to improve both your demand forecast and inventory tracking.

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Monitor your hotel's KPIs such as revenue, customer satisfaction, occupation rate, staff management, profitability. Get insights to tailor the experience to each customer segment.

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Whether you're running a private practice or a department in a hospital, these dashboards templates can help you. Track no-show rate, patients' satisfaction, time spent per consultation.

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Share key metrics such as campaign performance, audience engagement, and ROI with your clients. Improve the quality of your campaigns while strengthening the relationship with your clients.

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