Snowflake + ClicData For Powerful & Scalable Data Analytics

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Snowflake and ClicData integration may raise eyebrows, but its benefits are substantial. This synergy has proven invaluable for many users who optimize data storage with Snowflake and enhance their visualization with ClicData, yielding high-performance analytics tailored to specific industry needs. In this article, we show you how Snowflake and ClicData combined offer a potent blend…

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Inventory ABC Analysis Explained: Calculation and Example

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Did you know? United States retailers hold about $1.39 in inventory for every dollar of sales. With such significant amounts tied up in inventory, businesses face the constant challenge of balancing and maintaining optimal stock levels and avoiding the risks associated with dead stock. If done wrong, inventory management can break a business. One method…

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API Integration: Best Practices, Methods and Example

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API integration poses a unique set of challenges, from compatibility issues to security concerns. To simplify this process, we offer a practical checklist for defining the optimal integration method between your data source and analytics tool. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process using Pinterest API integration as an example. We’ll explore two…

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RFM Analysis: Definition and Calculations

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Customer engagement is vital to the survival and success of your business. However, not all customers engage equally. Some interact infrequently, perhaps once a month or even yearly, while others may make purchases more regularly, such as weekly or daily.  Many businesses overlook the importance of analyzing the customer base to identify the most valuable…

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B2B Predictive Churn Analytics: Benefits, Models & Tools

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Is there anything more frustrating than the potential of losing a customer? Perhaps they want to cancel their account because they aren’t using the tool enough to justify the costs. Maybe the key user has left the company and no one else has been trained to use it. Or it may be that the pricing…

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Leveraging MongoDB Analytics with ClicData: A Comprehensive Guide

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You probably know this better than anybody, effective data management and analytics are pivotal for business success. ClicData stands out as a robust platform, offering comprehensive solutions for data management and analytics. At the heart of modern data handling is MongoDB, renowned for its capabilities, particularly in scalability, flexibility and performance. This guide explores how…

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Data Management Challenges Decoded: Your Playbook for Success

blog data management challenges

We’re exploring data management challenges and offering insights to help you transform your data into a valuable asset for informed decision-making and business success. Amid the data-driven frenzy, neglecting data management challenges could spell disaster for your business. Such an oversight could easily translate to missed opportunities for growth and efficiency. As a Data Analyst,…

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Data Cleaning Demystified: 5 Key Steps for Unshakeable Data

blog data cleaning steps

Between 2021 and 2023, the world generated half of all existing data! As we are creating more and more data, companies are now exploiting it and tend be as data-driven as possible. However, most of the time their data is inconsistent, incomplete, duplicated, or even erroneous making it unusable for analytics. This is why data…

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GDPR in Marketing: Are Your Retargeting Campaigns Compliant?

gdpr compliance marketing retargeting campaigns

When you’re getting ready to retarget promising leads, you need to get all of your ducks in a row. Beyond using ads and messages to nudge them to convert or join your list, you also have to be upfront about how you handle the information you’re asking them to give you.  Whether you’re asking for…

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Building a Solid Data Strategy: A Practical Framework

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Data. Sometimes it seems like there’s less strategy, more mess. And that means more stress. But that doesn’t always have to be the case.  The data strategies you put in place right now will help your company deal with the multitude of data challenges they face. It’ll even shape how future issues and disruptions are…

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Making the switch from UA to GA4 with ClicData: A Simple Guide

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📅 Update: Universal Analytics (UA) will be gone for good on July 1, 2024. This means all your UA properties and data will be too. Save and migrate them before it’s too late, let’s see how! 👇 If you’re using Google Analytics, you’ve probably also received this reminder from Google – Universal Analytics (UA) will…

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