How to Optimize Resource Allocation Through Budget Variance Analysis

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Budget variance analysis is a high-priority evaluation that tells you whether you meet your budget expectations. It helps you uncover detrimental overspending, underspending, and other poor resource allocations that negatively impact your performance. The result? Swift corrective action, optimized resource allocation, improved financial planning, and more accurate budget forecasting.  In this guide, we’ll help you…

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How to Determine Your SMB Financial Health

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Do you spend enough time looking at your business’ financial health? According to historical data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 20% of new businesses fail within the first year and around 45% within five years – and that figure has stayed remarkably consistent since the 1990s. Pretty shocking, yes? One of the…

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How Financial Departments and Consultants Use Business Intelligence Analytics

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Financial departments and consultants can use business intelligence systems to collect, refine, and analyze financial and operational data to develop valuable business insights. Given the vast amount of shareable data that businesses interact with on a daily basis, automation augments decision-making and offers a better outlook for business performance. This guide explores how financial departments…

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