ClicData VS. Qlik Sense: Business Intelligence Tools Comparison

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Chances are you have ClicData and Qlik’s websites open in two tabs right now, trying to compare features, pricing models, and infrastructure. If you’re not, this is still an interesting read about two major data analytics and business intelligence solutions. In this post, we explain the main differences between the two platforms to make your…

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Microsoft Power BI & ClicData: Product Comparison

Power BI ClicData Product Comparison

If you’ve worked with us at ClicData, you know that, above all, it’s important to us to be very transparent—about what our platform does and doesn’t do, and about our pricing, our services, and our vision. As always, our goal is to provide a data analytics and reporting tool to help businesses worldwide manage their…

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ClicData vs Sisense Comparison

clicdata versus sisense

It’s essential to compare different products when buying a new BI solution. It helps you get what you need at the best available price. For that reason, we create a series of blog posts to compare ClicData with other popular data platforms in the market. Therefore, if you are looking for the best BI software…

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How Grouptyre uses ClicData to track sales for their team and clients

grouptyre testimonial

Grouptyre is the largest independent tire wholesaler in the UK. To differentiate itself and dominate the market, Grouptyre offers a wide range of services to its customers, including data analysis and dashboards. When Grouptyre execs were looking for a low-maintenance BI tool for themselves and their customers, they chose ClicData. Find out how they now…

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How Does Klipfolio Compare to ClicData?

clicdata vs klipfolio comparison

If you’re ready to leverage your business data and integrate a fully operational business intelligence system cost-effectively, you might have discovered ClicData and Klipfolio, two feature-rich data analytics and BI platforms that deliver metrics and data insights for making better business decisions—faster. Both are scalable and designed for small to medium-sized businesses expecting to grow…

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A Guide to Migrating Your Data Into The Cloud

Cloud data warehouse concept

Over 61% of companies around the world, have realized the potential for cloud storage and migrated online. Cloud migration is when businesses move all or some of their data centers into the cloud. This allows more security and reliability to the company’s data, among tons of other advantages. By 2023, 75% of all companies‘ databases…

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7 Business Advantages of Implementing a Data-Driven Recruitment Process

data driven recruitment process

As a side-effect of digital transformation, companies are generating data like exhaust fumes: the audience behaviors in your CRM, disparate marketing and sales funnels, spreadsheets full of under-analyzed data in your stock lists, and so on.  Yet most of this data is just going to waste. People are so busy with their day-to-day work lives…

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Who’s Your Boss?

who's your boss

My father was an entrepreneur. He created and led several businesses until one day he expunged the entrepreneurial world from his life and moved the family to Canada in quest of a simpler way of being in the world. I remember him telling me when I was young that “being the boss is the worst…

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Why Mobile Marketing Matters So Much

Mobile marketing KPI

Wherever you are, take a quick look around. If you find people, you’ll also find smartphones. And on those smartphones, people are frequenting search engines such as Google and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to find the right brands to buy from. In a nutshell, there’s your answer! The data doesn’t deceive,…

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CSR Success Can Be Measured Too!

CSR Key Performance Indicators

No one exists in a bubble in 2022, as every consumer, investor, and business contributes to the world financially and environmentally.  Today, 70% of American consumers believe it’s “somewhat” or “very important” for companies to contribute to society positively. Naturally, many corporations have adopted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.  CSR initiatives see businesses creating value…

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9 Must Have Hotel KPIs to Derive Your Hotel Business Strategy

Hotel Management

Efficient hotel data analytics is more crucial for the hotel industry than ever. Countries are now used to living with manageable caseloads of COVID-19, which means that traveling is slowly getting back to capacity. Hoteliers are facing new challenges and changes as different business practices and medical prerequisites take over the hotel industry. What’s on…

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optimizing healthcare performance

Delivering patient care must adapt to meet the changing healthcare landscape and streamline data analysis. Subsequently, there needs to be a new way to manage this environment that adapts and grows with the industry. Simply looking at productivity or budget information no longer provides enough of the insights needed to be successful. Introducing Solvitix Solvitix…

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2021 Recap & 2022 RoadMap

Roadmap 2022

At ClicData we are busy finishing the year strong and ensure that we can deliver the best features possible as quickly as we can. 2021 was a busy year for us, and as such we have increased our hiring to make sure we can fulfill our promises for 2022. Our Road Map is built based…

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Analyze Sentiment with Opinion Text Mining (PART 2)


In Part 1 of this Blog series, we gave a brief description of Sentiment Analysis and described the challenges associated with it. If you are reading this then you are determined to continue on this adventure – good for you! Before proceeding, please be aware that this blog is a lot more technical than Part…

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