Optimizing Your Software Development Project Management With Data – Dashboard Example

blog project management

In software development, the ability to quickly and efficiently deliver high-quality products is key to constantly meeting evolving customer needs. For many teams, this means focusing on a flexible and iterative approach that enables rapid delivery, continuous improvement, and enhanced collaboration: development sprints. But how do you plan, monitor, and optimize them? That’s what we’ll…

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Retail Store Performance: Dashboard Examples and KPIs

blog retail store performance dashboard examples

How would you determine if your store performance is trending in the right direction? Many elements should be considered: the sales actuals against targets, the customer engagement in the loyalty program, and the impact of your marketing campaigns on store footfall and revenue. But when we talk with District and Store Managers or Franchise Owners,…

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Why Mobile Marketing Matters So Much

Mobile marketing KPI

Wherever you are, take a quick look around. If you find people, you’ll also find smartphones. And on those smartphones, people are frequenting search engines such as Google and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to find the right brands to buy from. In a nutshell, there’s your answer! The data doesn’t deceive,…

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CSR Success Can Be Measured Too!

CSR Key Performance Indicators

No one exists in a bubble in 2022, as every consumer, investor, and business contributes to the world financially and environmentally.  Today, 70% of American consumers believe it’s “somewhat” or “very important” for companies to contribute to society positively. Naturally, many corporations have adopted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.  CSR initiatives see businesses creating value…

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8 strategies for strong sales and lead generation

Lead Generation

Customers are the lifeblood of your business, but no one ever said attracting them was easy. Research shows that 68% of businesses struggle to generate leads and it’s no wonder why.  To successfully attract a lead, you need to identify their needs, work out how to sell to them, and build their desire for your…

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9 Must Have Hotel KPIs to Derive Your Hotel Business Strategy

Hotel Management

Efficient hotel data analytics is more crucial for the hotel industry than ever. Countries are now used to living with manageable caseloads of COVID-19, which means that traveling is slowly getting back to capacity. Hoteliers are facing new challenges and changes as different business practices and medical prerequisites take over the hotel industry. What’s on…

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Enhance Your Sales Reports with ClicData & Pipedrive

sales report with pipedrive

Pipedrive is a solid CRM made for small and medium-sized businesses that need a simple, efficient, and clean CRM application. With Pipedrive, you can get your team up and running in just a few minutes with great features such as email integration, built-in dial/voice capabilities, strong lead and deal management, and even some more advanced…

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How to Measure Lead Generation in Real-Time with Dashboards

measure real time lead generation with dashboards

Gone are the days of sifting through filing cabinets and keeping track of dozens of spreadsheets at once. With dashboards, teams are able to monitor quarterly progress and KPIs on a daily basis in one place without hassle.  It’s data organization and tracking at its finest, you could say.  Even still, businesses accumulate a lot…

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Looking for a Chartio Successor? ClicData to the Rescue

replacing chartio

You probably heard the news: Chartio will be gone as of March 1, 2022. Atlassian recently announced its acquisition of Chartio, a cloud-based BI tool. The Australian company will integrate Chartio’s data-visualization engine into their products, starting with Jira. Although this is excellent news for Jira users—not so much for Chartio customers. They will be…

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ClicData Top 6 Dashboard Features in 2020

Top Features ClicData

For those of you who’ve been with us for a while now, you know that we update our platform every month with a lot of performance improvements and new features. Our job is to make sure you have every tool and features you need to turn your data into actionable insights and to make better…

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Digital Marketing KPI Dashboards for Social, SEO, Ads, Emails

Marketing Kpi Dashboards Social Seo Ads Email

Being a marketer in a small or medium-sized business means being involved in all sorts of activities, from raising brand awareness and acquiring new customers to nurturing leads and maintaining customer loyalty. Depending on your niche, the competition can be tough, leaving you with little room for error. So, it’s absolutely essential that you ensure…

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Powerful E-Commerce Analysis of Your WooCommerce Data

ecommerce analytics woocommerce

Whatever e-commerce tool you use for your business, it undoubtedly comes with some reporting capabilities. But while it may be a great foundation to set up your online shop, it likely falls short when it comes to providing the insightful, meaningful, and actionable data analysis you need to help you rise to the top of…

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Build Powerful Traffic Dashboards In 4 Steps


Google Analytics world 1st used tool to track website traffic and conversions mostly because it’s free and very thorough. You can find a LOT of information, maybe too much. It takes a little bit of practice and time to familiarize yourself with Google Analytics interface. If you want to go deep into your traffic analysis,…

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