Snowflake + ClicData For Powerful & Scalable Data Analytics

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Snowflake and ClicData integration may raise eyebrows, but its benefits are substantial. This synergy has proven invaluable for many users who optimize data storage with Snowflake and enhance their visualization with ClicData, yielding high-performance analytics tailored to specific industry needs. In this article, we show you how Snowflake and ClicData combined offer a potent blend…

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Carrefour Brazil Optimizes Stock and Sales Reporting With ClicData

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Learn how Carrefour, a French multinational retail and wholesaling corporation streamlined their stock and sales reports with ClicData, a data management and analytics platform. About Carrefour Brazil Carrefour Brazil is the Brazilian subsidiary of Carrefour, a French multinational retail and wholesaling corporation. With a strong presence in Brazil, Carrefour Brazil operates a wide range of…

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Advanced Data Analytics Partnership to Enhance Decision-Making in Retail & Hospitality

blog advanced data analytics partnership clicdata predyktable

ClicData and Predyktable have joined forces to revolutionise decision-making in the Retail and Hospitality sectors. They are both at the forefront of helping businesses to make correct business-critical decisions in the face of constantly changing, complex environmental, economic, and consumer behaviours. This industry-first partnership introduces a comprehensive data analytics solution that empowers customers to not…

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Must Have White Label Reporting Features for Marketing Agencies

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Customers expect more than pretty campaigns. They need data, coherent reports with a global view, and a precise ROI. That’s why marketing agencies need a solid BI (Business Intelligence) tool. Client reporting is crucial in running a successful digital marketing campaign. Marketing agencies use many tools like emailing, Google Ads, Business Manager, and Tiktok Ads.…

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Everything you need to know to build your first Report!

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Did you ever wonder how to create beautiful reporting documents, that can be printed out on multiple pages or shared in PDF format? Search no more, because this is what our new visualization module Reports will enable you to do! What are Data Reports? Data Reports are multi-paged documents meant to display information gathered from…

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Speed Up Your Data Modeling Process With Data Templates

blog clicdata data templates

Data teams and analysts love our Data Templates. They are ready-to-use datasets that are accessible directly from your ClicData account and can be used to enhance your analyses. Data Templates are designed to make your data modeling process more efficient. We have are currently seven categories available: Each Data Template can be downloaded on the…

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Make Data Cleaning And Processing A Lot More Efficient With Data Flow

Who hasn’t juggled with incomplete, poorly formatted, or error-laden data? Faced with a massive volume of data to process within tight deadlines? Or encountered a lack of data consolidation to ensure an overview and precise analysis? Cleaning, transforming, and enriching data from various heterogeneous sources is not always simple, even for a data analyst. This…

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ClicData VS. Qlik Sense: Business Intelligence Tools Comparison

and (2)

Chances are you have ClicData and Qlik’s websites open in two tabs right now, trying to compare features, pricing models, and infrastructure. If you’re not, this is still an interesting read about two major data analytics and business intelligence solutions. In this post, we explain the main differences between the two platforms to make your…

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How ClicData Helps Retail Brands Manage Product Inventory and Pricing

managing product inventory and pricing in retail with clicdata

Every successful business must provide value to its customers and ensure reliability. Being on top of your inventory can help you meet the market demand and generate more leads and sales. However, about 43% of business managers don’t track their inventory, and 21% of businesses do not have inventory. Lack of proper inventory management can…

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ClicData vs Sisense Comparison

clicdata versus sisense

It’s essential to compare different products when buying a new BI solution. It helps you get what you need at the best available price. For that reason, we create a series of blog posts to compare ClicData with other popular data platforms in the market. Therefore, if you are looking for the best BI software…

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How Grouptyre uses ClicData to track sales for their team and clients

grouptyre testimonial

Grouptyre is the largest independent tire wholesaler in the UK. To differentiate itself and dominate the market, Grouptyre offers a wide range of services to its customers, including data analysis and dashboards. When Grouptyre execs were looking for a low-maintenance BI tool for themselves and their customers, they chose ClicData. Find out how they now…

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How to Configure SSO and Advanced Security on ClicData with OKTA

configuring sso and advanced security with okta in clicdata

As businesses increasingly move their data and applications to the cloud, securing this information becomes more important than ever. However, managing security for multiple cloud-based applications can be a challenge. This is where Single Sign-On (SSO) comes in. SSO allows web users to access multiple applications with one set of credentials, making it more convenient…

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