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Please review the following guidelines before submitting your topic ideas. Our content team will get back to you if there is a good fit.

Editorial Guidelines

Before you read on, please download our Content Quality Checklist. Go through it before producing the content, and use it to assess your contribution. Our content team will use the same to validate your draft. Ticking all the boxes before submitting will accelerate the validation process.

In a nutshell:

  • Every article should be unique, tackling the topic in-depth, with data-backed-up arguments.
  • You should follow the narrative structure Context - Pain Point - Challenges - Solution - Resolution.
  • The introduction must be appealing and avoid trivialities such as ”data analytics is more important than ever”.
  • The conclusion must bring actionable answers or solutions to the questions from the introduction.
  • Your article must be SEO-proofed:
    • Your draft must include a targeted keyword that is incorporated in the SEO title, sub-titles, and body of the article.
    • Includes at least 3 links to (blog posts or website pages)
    • Includes external links to high authority websites only (DR70+) when necessary (data sources, original articles, etc.) IMPORTANT: all links must be included naturally. We will remove any link that doesn’t fit with the topic of the article or if it is too promotional. We will not link to marketing or e-commerce landing pages. 
    • You should also provide a meta description including the targeted keyword.
  • Our articles are typically between 700 and 1,200 words (1,000 words is our sweet spot)
  • Make sure to pitch a topic that hasn't been already published on our blog. Your post must bring a fresh point of view on the subject.
  • You can also provide a short author's bio.

Contributing to "Talk Data To Me"


ClicData followed by a community of data teams including profiles like CDOs, CTOs, Business Analysts and Data Analysts.

Your article should provide a technical solution to a business challenge. Ex: The impact of unifying data from Inventory, Web Analytics and CRM in eCommerce.

Your topic must fall under one of these categories:

  • Data management and processing best practices in different industries (retail and eCommerce, hospitality, healthcare, telecommunications.)
  • Data security best practices
  • Big Data, Machine Learning, AI-related usage examples in business

Here are a few examples of articles that we love (and so do our readers):

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Contributing to our Business sections

Marketing Kpis Small Business

Our audience is also composed of business leaders in marketing, sales, finance, HR, project management. Managing data is not in the core of their jobs but they do understand the impact of good data on their ability to drive performance. We give them actionnable solutions to empower them to deal with their data challenges and truly make data-driven decisions. 

Here are a few examples of articles that we love (and so do our readers):

Please submit at least 3 topic ideas and summaries in the form below.

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