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Analyse Funnel Performance

Stop looking at individual channel performance as your key KPI and start understanding campaign and channel performance at every point in the funnel. Optimise your funnel, not just your channels.

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Track the Full Customer Journey

Connect your top, middle and bottom of the funnel touch points along with the sales pipeline data to get a full understanding of where you should be optimising for the biggest impact.

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Be Smarter With Your Budget

Plug in your marketing, sales and finance data to get a true understanding of your marketing performance. Optimise your budget spend and increase your ROI with unrivalled insights



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analyze your customer retention and monitor new MRR, Contraction MRR, Expansion MRR, Churn

All Your Key KPIs and Metrics in One Place

Take the metrics from separate tools and automatically combine them to get the strategic information you need to drive performance.

  • Ads Overview

    Monitor ad spends, impressions and CTR, conversion rates, transactions value, ROI and Customer Lifetime Value. 

  • Lead Funnel Overview

    Monitor the number of website visitors and social media followers, new leads, and conversion rates at each lifecycle stage of your funnel. 

  • Customer Acquisition Overview

    Monitor spends, leads by lifecycle stage, ads CTR, conversion rates, cost per lead, customer acquisition cost and ROI. 

  • Social Media Overview

    Monitor followers' growth and engagement rates over time and by platform, correlate to the number of posts.

  • Email Campaigns Overview

    Monitor top performing campaigns by open rates, click throughs, average response rate and leads generated. 

  • SEO Performance Overview

    Monitor domain average position in SERP, CTR, new visitors, bounce rate and top performing pages. 

Can you answer the question
"what's the ROI" in a heartbeat?

Go beyond
built-in analytics

Marketing tools’ metrics are rarely enough to paint the full picture. Go beyond any limitations and build the metrics that will prove your worth to the rest of the business.

Connect your data for strategic insights

Get the full view of your performance by connecting your marketing and enterprise data sources in one place.

Confidently validate your performance

Deliver interactive and fully automated dashboards to your clients to engage in meaningful conversations to improve their campaigns.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Connect the data once and automatically refresh it whenever you need to update your dashboards and reports.

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