Why you need an end-to-end
data analytics platform?

One platform, multiple benefits

The benefits of the implementation of an end-to-end data analytics solution are multiple:

  • Benchmark successful strategies
  • Frame your AB testing activities
  • Amplify what works
  • Stop and adjust what does not work
  • Embark your teams
  • Convince your management for extra budget

ClicData business intelligence software is flexible and powerful with a fast learning curve. You'll be able to monitor all your business KPIs in live dashboards in no time.

Get started in 4 quick steps

  1. Organize and optimize your data so that is always readily available and fresh.
  2. Connect clear and crisp dashboards with your most important metrics to the data.
  3. Automate the data refresh and publication of dashboards at a reasonable frequency.
  4. Consult your dashboards on your mobile or desktop and derive actions from the indicators.

Our key features

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Data Integration

All your data connected simply, regardless of their format, in one secure place for you to access and work on.  Over 200 types of data connectors available.

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Data Management

Use our visual Data Flow module to quickly and efficiently cleanse, group, combine, merge or enrich your data from one or multiple sources and generate ready-to-use output datasets.

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Data Visualization

Fast and easy dashboard creation process to organize all your relevant data and deliver instant results.

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Data Analytics

Drill-down, pivot, unpivot, quickly unveal patterns in your data to feed conversations with your team and clients.

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Data Collaboration

Clear workflow without multiple file versions, collaborate and share with your colleagues easily in just one click.